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Timber Venetian

The timber used is a plantation timber that is specifically grown and developed for the purpose of manufacturing furniture and window coverings. It is a medium density hardwood which provides an extremely durable and stable material for Venetian Blinds.

The natural characteristics of the timber means it is less likely to warp or dent, and the density of the grain provides an excellent smooth surface for stain and paint applications. Being a natural product the timber may absorb a certain level of moisture and is therefore not recommended for moisture rich environments e.g. bathrooms and laundries.

venetian blind

Econo Venetian

The Econo Venetian uses a PVC based man-made material which is processed at high temperatures to create an extremely strong and durable product for Venetian Blinds. The material is UV stabilised, with the UV protector combined throughout the material to increase its suitability for a wide range of environmental conditions.

The Econo Venetian is suitable for wet areas due to its non-absorbent characteristics. It is an easy to clean, low maintenance product which is suitable for heavy use applications.

aluminium venetian blind

Aluminium Venetian

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are manufactured with powder coated aluminium, which provides a light, durable and stable window treatment.

The Aluminium Venetian slats are 25mm wide making it a highly suitable product for applications where space is at a premium.

venetian blind

Smart Privacy Venetian

Smart Privacy Venetian Blinds use a UV stabilised and protected PVC material to create a strong, durable product that is suitable for a wide variety of spaces. Coupled with a sturdy trapezoid bottom rail, and a newly engineered slimline headrail, the Smart Privacy Venetian Blind blocks out more light than any other Venetian blind.

The Venetian shows no visible holes in the slats when the blind is closed, eliminating the noticeable centre punch hole that most Venetians use for their operation cords. The slats also close better than any Venetian blind in the market, due to design changes developed over several years.

Other features are a new cord lock system that eliminates the need to pull the cords to the side to engage the locking device, which is very handy when trying to avoid walls or obstructions to the side of the blind. A newly designed slim headrail with a curved front eliminates the need for a separate pelmet, and the top mount brackets finish the clean look and allow the brackets to be mounted in the best location, away from the corners of the window.

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*Prices vary depending on blind size and fabric selection